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We are a small company with big ideas. Started in 2011 by Mark Frame, an Orthopaedic Surgeon with an interest in bringing new technology to the medical world.

It began with a problem of trying to find someone to produce a 3D model of a patients bones to rehearse a complex surgical proceedure. The only options at that time were companies charging upwards of £1500-3000 for models. These were out of reach for most NHS departments. The only option was to do it himself.

He developed a method of taking standard CT scans and using open source software producing accurate and cost effective models.

Since then he has won several research prizes and published and presented both nationally and internationally on the topic.

Prize winning GlaMOR presentations and posters 2011, 2012, 2013 Scotland
CAOS 2012 South Korea
CARS 2012 Pisa, Italy
Peer reviewed publication in 'The Scientific World Journal' 2012

3D-OM has also featured on the BBC Radio 4 News at 6, the BBC National News at 6, BBC Click on World Service
Several Technology blogs including Engadget.com

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